Great Differences of Acer’s Aspire One 721 and TimelineX 1830t

Posted: September 21, 2011 in preview laptop, Uncategorized

Acer as one most successful computer manufacturers in the world knows that the global competition is getting much tighter and tougher therefore they need to release the computer or laptop products that come up with more sophisticated performance and designs. Acer then released their latest laptop products to answer such challenge in the global computer market. Acer didn’t only launch one laptop product but two at once which are called Acer Aspire One 721 and Acer Aspire TimelineX1830t. Both laptop products come with thin design with display measuring only 11.6 inches.

aspire one 721

TimelineX 1830

Both products look very identical and at first glance many consumers might not be able to differentiate each of them since they both designed and made from the same case design and materials. Perhaps consumers can obviously spot the different when they ask the price for each of them. Despite the identical look each of such Acer products have a very big difference in pricing. Acer Aspire One 721 costs only US$430 while the TimelineX 1830t is available at US$700 which is way much more expensive. such big different in pricing mainly come from the chip models since Aspire One only uses cheap AMD chipset which has lower power while the TimelineX uses the latest chipset from Intel which is much more powerful. That’s the main reason why TimelineX has much better performance which is about twice more than the Aspire One so it does make sense the price offered for TimelineX is also doubled up. However one upside which is offered at Aspire One is that it has better graphic and CPU performance than many other similar rivals that use the Intel Atom as their basic machine performance. Furthermore it also has longer battery life than any other netbook or laptop products and it might be perfect for people who have higher mobile activities.

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